The egg museum is an important tourist destination to find out everything about tradition in Bukovina, about the skillful art of decorating the Easter eggs, now well-known all over the world.

The village of Vama is over 600 years old, all the documents about traditional trades and art being included in “The Monograph of Vama”. Traditional art objects can be found in every house in the village and the decorated eggs are always present in the villagers’ traditional Easter basket.

The Easter- decorated egg has become a piece of art and an emblem of Bukovina. That’s why you are invited to discover by yourselves this kind of art by participating to a “live”-teaching lesson of how to dye and decorate an egg for the Easter time inside the museum. After making you familiar with the symbols and the techniques of decoration you can work upon an egg all by yourself…and why not discover an unknown dormant artist in the depth of your soul! This souvenir from Bukovina from the Egg Museum will please you for sure! Explanations for the tourists are offered in French, German, English. But there is also plenty of information in Spanish, Italian and Japanese.

I have known this unique technique since I was a child, I have improved it ever since so that in the present I work with up to six successive coatings of wax, the result being a small and delicate “pearl”.

The motifs have been more and more elaborate, the lines more and more delicate but the message has remained the same, even if on the same surface there can appear several motifs.

I have inherited this passion for the tradition from my grandparents who used to put a new blessed egg in the Easter trough every year. The eggs from their trough are now in my collection-some of them are over 50 years old! The tradition in Bukovina says that if the blessed egg from Easter is not broken till the next Easter’s celebration that family will be protected throughout the year.

Traditions, beliefs, superstitions about Easter eggs or about the egg as the symbol of the creation of the universe have existed all around the world, but people know less and less about that.

By trying to keep up the pace with the tradition of the art of egg-decoration, by admiring our ancestors’ work and by making a personal contribution to all these too, I have travelled all around the world and, starting from 1998 I have taken part to exhibitions, to activities organized by Romanian communities and by Embassies from abroad, to partnerships and international projects, each time taking pride in representing my beloved Bukovina and Romania or initiating into this art all those willing to learn it.

All these activities dedicated to the egg stand for my love for tradition and customs. We are waiting for you to discover them here, in Vama, in the heart of Bukovina.