Deep in the heart of Bukovina, in Vama, we are waiting for you to see the most varied and numerous collection of dyed and decorated eggs in Romania and one of the most important ones in Europe at once.

The museum is also helpful to discover the traditions from the area and the art of decorating the Easter eggs. Inside the workshop you can also decorate eggs yourself directed by the teacher Letitia Orsivschi, who is going to explain you the hidden symbols of Bukovina.

The explanations are given in the main international languages (English, German, French).

The museum is spread over an area of 800 square meters containing over 16,000 eggs from all over the world displayed in 70 glass-cases; there you can admire eggs collected from international exhibitions (as a result of 14 year-long personal participation at different international exhibitions) and eggs from Bukovina with unique, old motifs and patterns inherited from our great-grandparents.

A whole glass-case displays eggs with very old motifs and patterns from Vama for the decoration of which they used exclusively vegetable colours that are quite bright even today.

Another glass-case displays again the colours specific to Vama together with different elements of culture from Bukovina, all reflecting Letiţia’s work as an artist.

In the second room you are going on an imaginary trip around the world and you get in touch with various styles and techniques of decorating eggs from 82 countries – all these can be seen in the glass-cases of the museum. In the collection there exist: bird eggs, reptile eggs, large-sized and small-sized eggs (emu, nandu, turtles, crocodile, flamingo, geko, ostrich, partridge, sparrow, pigeon eggs) or porcelain eggs.